Milk Studio’s Director Lets Us Into Her World

milk studios, samantha lim

If you’ve spent any amount of time in NYC, unless it’s summer and you’re on your way upstate or Montauk, you know the constant rush of eagerness to get dressed, look good and as much as you wish a simple tunic would do, simply-simple is never quite an option. That is why Samantha Lim’s fashion picks are “simple wear-anywhere pieces that have a little edge.” This gives her more time to have fun and less worry about getting ready. She has been known to wear sequins or feathers before brunch (Fashion rules? Non!) and often being loyal to a new trend now and then. The infamous choker wins this year.

While Lim devotes much of her time as the Creative Partnerships Director at Milk Studios “producing videos, brainstorming with our community of creatives, or conceptualizing a new experience,” ultimately, she finds time for herself knowing the end result brings personal and professional reward. Getting inspiration from new environments and having no plans at all, she recently took a trip to Joshua Tree – “the giant rocks, mysterious plants, and endless horizons reminded me that we’re all just a small part of a very, very big world.” As she re-sets her perspective during most of her outings, Lim shares, “ideas start to flow from all sorts of new places.” Caught up by the heroic wall unit that aptly displays Lim’s shoe collection, we can’t tell if it was her own meditative yet chic vibe as she described this way to professionally zen or the simply the aura of the lined up Manolo’s, Oylmpia’s and so on…

Coming back to center. Lim is ready for fall and that includes leather pants and sweaters in every shape and size this season. When we naturally asked what her favorite item to borrow might be or what is it about VillageLuxe she’s drawn to, she pulls us back in, “It’s a secret window really into their personalities that encourages you to explore parts of your style that you may not have thought of before.” We think we might be ready to go on her next journey with her albeit with or without shoes, sequins or feathers, we’re ready.


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