Global Influence: Celebrity Hair Stylist and Entrepreneur

hair titan, sally hershberger

If you’ve taken so much as a skim through any Rom-Com movie list or opened a favorite fashion magazine in the last two decades, chances are you’ve found yourself looking at the work of Sally Hershberger. We’re talking the Picasso of hair, the Tom Ford of design.  Her demand for the perfect cut, uh-hem, yes – sex appeal, and belief in the “anti-salon” movement has arguably made her the most recognized name and respected talent in hair design.

When we met Sally at her home in NYC it was everything we imagined: Sexy, provocative art lined her walls, sumptuous pashmina’s across her bedroom, “I want to wrap my body in them, it’s my second skin and makes me feel so good,” and her closet?  “I do like mine the best,” as Hershberger chats with us and friend – our own VL Fashion Director, Sofia Karvela, began to style her.  But the real focal point of her home? Foxie & Bowie. Her two beautiful pups who play center stage in any room.

While photos of Hershberger snapped away, she talked about how when she’s cutting hair, she likes to “really get in there,” along with favorite moments in her career like working with photographer, Steven Meisel, or performing a dramatic short do, cutting Rapunzel-level locks off Gisele on one occasion.  After we had a chance to stop gawking – she really is the queen of casual, sexy ease, as Hershberger posed effortlessly in front of the camera, we took in solid girl-boss advice, “Be really good at what you do, stay true to it and keep it going when it seems impossible… that’s when the magic happens.”  Uh, we’re going to have to say, ‘Sally knows best’ here. We’ve been under her spell for quite some time. She makes you feel a part of her inner circle on her IG @sallyhershberger as she posts funny behind-the-scene moments like with Jimmy Fallon or throwbacks with just about about every sexy “it” girl, that if name dropped – like a spell, we’re pretty sure would make a rainbow and unicorn appear.  We admit, we really felt part of her inner girl-posse when she told us how VillageLuxe is “not about lending my clothes, it’s about being part of a clan of smart, creative and cool women.” Hell, yeah.  (Poof! Enter the rainbow and unicorn.)


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