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(Que the mic) One, two, three and to the four, Annie Georgia Greenberg and VillageLuxe is at the door. Ready to make an entrance, so back on up (‘Cause you know we’re about to rip shit up.) Okay, so we better keep our day job, we get it. But when we learned Annie, “the AGG” didn’t just have the bomb-diggity of closets, or job, (hair!), loves rap and hip-hop, and is currently streaming “555” on Netflix which she describes as “the sometimes uncomfortable, social commentary, blend of comedy that will launch John Early and Kate Berlant’s career,” we knew this was VillageLuxe girl-posse destiny.  We like to think we know a good thing when we spot it too like those Gucci Silver Sylvia Mules in her closet.

Antiques and weird art inspires her. Also, Vintage Prada Sport for this SS17 season. “AGG” is working on a fashion passion-project for Refinery 29, “I can’t yet say who for… It’s the first time I’ve been able to truly marry every aspect of film-making that I love: Working on ideation, storyboarding, producing, directing, and, for one episode, being in front of the camera,” shares R29’s Fashion Editor at Large.  She also gets to work with some of her “OG R29’s” making this feel like a “favorite to date.”

Some other favorite things?  Vintage tees before vintage furs. She describes her own unique style as “Contemporary nostalgia.”  What else? Denim over silk.  Dogs before cats. And, chocolate before cheese.  Greenberg is loving “bright summer dresses, and chunky sandals right now.”  And, VillageLuxe?  “I love the concept of getting to wear and borrow luxury items and try on different personal styles without the commitment of a splurge or full wardrobe makeover.  It’s genius.” (Humility strikes us much like one of our other favorite girl-posse characteristics, kindness.)  Like most great rap songs, it’s the hook, the flow, the beat that makes the music. Greenberg is on a roll as we shoot her last look, talking about behavior and success, “It’s not becoming to be unkind,” is how she closes the subject when we asked about “Any advice?” to every woman.  Waxing poetic justice…we really could just let her talk for hours… “Shout out to [poet] Joshua Bell,” Greenberg says, while she stands lovely and cool on the stairs of her home and we discuss those who inspire [Biggie hanging nostalgically in a poster size photos of her stairwell.] Somehow that Biggie photo got us talking about decorating, “If I could add any piece of furniture to my home, it would be a chaise lounge…I’ve always wanted to say, ‘I’ll just be over her on my chaise lounge!’” Now… that’s a (w)rap. (Yeah, we went there.) Peace.

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