Stone Fox Bride, Founder, A Walk Into Her Hippie Chic World

stone fox bride, molly guy

Molly Guy, former media maven turned “Foxy” mama, has this imperturbable ease about her, it’s hard to imagine her juggling the near cult-like following, equally fluent, ethereal brand Stone Fox Bride. Add in two toddlers, wife, friend, and author – her most recent self titled “Stone Fox Bride: Love, Lust and Wedding Planning For The Wild At Heart” is out now and you can see why we’re feeling like we’re-not-worthy. By the way, even if you don’t have nuptials on the horizon, “Love, Lust” is worth a little bit longer causal peruse in the “lifestyle” section of your favorite bookstore, Guy shares, “It’s a series of essays, interviews and tips about how to have a wedding – and marriage (this is where our ears perked up!) rooted in authenticity, style and truth.”
When we moved outside to the family’s backyard patio we were greeted by skyscraper superman soaring levels of a view, her herb garden enveloping most of the open space, we can see where her inspiration for her hippie-chic bohemian vibe comes through her designs. Guy told us that despite motherhood and all it’s amaze, not much has changed her own personal style other than her mentioning, “I’m much more pared down than I used to be,” focused on the basics. “No time for excess!” Which is the perfect segway to ask about VillageLuxe. The foundation of VL beyond the “sisterhood” is about shared economies, reducing waste, buy better – share and borrow – over just buying more. But exactly where does a luxury brand like VillageLuxe fit into her busy world we asked, Guy? “ I always love an opportunity to sneak a peek at people’s stuff. And, who doesn’t want to borrow from Ruthie F.’s closet?” Spoken like a true Fox. Taking on the classic children’s pass-time, “peek-a-boo,” to a whole other level.

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