The most coveted locale on Montauk, Surf Lodge Founder & bonafide hot-mama

montauk, surf lodge owner, jayma cordoso

Taking cues on the influence of family from Montauk’s infamous The Surf Lodge Owner.  Brazilian born, Jayma Cardoso has managed to find the perfect balance between cool club and beach club as well as family and motherhood. Perfect tri-fecta? We think so.

Her roots influence her passion for the work she’s doing, but when we were in her NYC home for her Luxer shoot, she spoke more about being a citizen of the world and never losing sight of where you are… the beauty and nature of Montauk and sustainability. Whether making a huge dinner for family and friends with the “spoils” that often remain unnoticed at Farmer’s Market in August, or VillageLuxe.  Cardoso speaks to her love for the brand by way of “community.”  Enamored by the fact that women are passionate about design, fashion, and creating their own personal aesthetic,  Cardoso shares, “When you have people sharing their visions, ideas, and what they love [whether that is in sharing their style or sharing their closets]…good things happen.

“Blessed” with two sisters.  Family influences Cardoso most often – including her choice of shoes!  Her mother and sisters are a part of her, but she shared intimately with us that despite her father’s passing, his integrity, work ethic and standards are a constant for her and even today, although his passed away when she was much younger, she can still feel his influence in her today. Her son as well – just check to see what shoes she’s wearing on any particular day and chances are – flats over heels!  “My son loves the grocery store and I find myself chasing him around as he seeks out his favorites goodies in each aisle.  So, best to have flats so I can keep up!”

A sucker for Vintage, and hats! Cardoso respects each new season of fashion often pairing something new with a classic or vintage piece. “Never put too much weight on either side…” And when we asked what she never leaves home with? “Lipgloss! And, sunscreen!”  A woman who knows what she wants, rocks one of the sexiest bohemian, Capri-like beach vibes we’ve ever known, and takes life, the health of mother earth and her personal seriously: “‘E.E.’ – Energy and Enthusiasm,” Cardoso explains as she changes into one helluva dress for the next frame, “…Love what you’re doing, give everything you have behind what you’re passionate about.  When you do this, it’s transparent and it resonates with other people and they want to be involved with whatever it is you’re doing.”  Well, whatever it is Cardoso is doing, is more than good and the next time you’re at The Surf Lodge, and you can’t put your finger on exactly what you’re feeling but know it’s pretty fucking amazing… “E.E.


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