"Fitness Junkie," Mum and Editor Extraordinaire

“fitness junkie” novelist, lucy sykes

Former fashion editor, designer, mum, and most currently, novelist, Lucy Sykes is anything, but dull.  In fact, she’s positively, fashionably and intellectually brilliant.  She keeps letters from her boys – Mother’s Day and camp letters, she keeps in her bag at all times. But don’t let the motherly-love fool ya’. Sykes had us roaring, *choking – laughing so hard through most of her Luxer shoot. Don’t follow? (*Spy the active-wear shot below? Now imagine the poses striked before and after? And, now imagine the commentary that came with the pose.)

But it wasn’t all laughing and rolling around on the floor. There’s a natural balance in Sykes.  She sees life for all its wonders: knows smoking is bad for you, made sure that when Kate Moss asked for a Big Mac during a Harper’s Bazaar shoot, the girl got her Big Mac. (Yes, true story). She likes long walks on the beach with her adored husband, has shot with some of the greats like Demarchelier – partied all night in St. Bart’s with him too and in all seriousness, cries sometimes more than she cheers over the sheer talent and courage in America’s Got Talent contestants.  We know.  Love her like we do.

Photo Credit: Shane LaVancher for VillageLuxe

Sykes talks grocery shopping in heels, “heels always,” she quips; chocolate before cheese and this falls continued ode to street wear cum activewear – Alala more significantly speaking – are each a worthy, “yes.” Sykes loves her fashion, has occupied some of the most coveted roles in the business, worked with both Oscar-nom and winning actresses on multiple occasions, but Mother’s Day, and those lines of love that come in letter form “from my boys are the most precious pieces of paper to me.” But don’t let this cute blonde or the British accent fool you, she may have it all together, but is still – most defintely, only human.  Sykes shares in her own perfectly portioned way between humor, love and a twist of sarcasm, “though it is not well know, I am a tap dancer.”  [Stay with us now…] “… sometimes I start to tap to pass away my anxiety. More often than not in public spaces… I just start a tap whilst waiting in the queue at Trader Joes, and quite often waiting for taxis! My son Tutus hates it when I do it on the way to school, but he loves breakdancing in coffees shops and hugging strangers on the street, so he really has no reason to get that upset.”  We’re falling deeper in love.

We get back to talking fashion a little bit more and some of her incredible roles as an FD or Editor, Designer. VillageLuxe comes up after she tells the tale of her most significant piece in her closet today, “My Giorgio Di Sant’ Angelo dress from the 1970’s. It’s dark pink, stretchy and long, it crushes the rest of my wardrobe. Everything else is mediocre next to this dress.” Delicious. And, VL for Sykes is about making sure she has something to wear that’s both original and beautifully made. Just take a look at her Edit.  She continues, “I can choose thousands of options – the App makes it so easy, and count on being the only person wearing ‘that piece’ since there’s so much that’s vintage on the site too!”  When we asked Sykes to describe her style in 3-words, her reply summarized everything we actually think of her, “Glossy American Euro.” The End.

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