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Cosmo, Allure, InStyle, W., this isn’t us rattling off the “titles” decorating our coffee table. Rather, it’s Tiffany Reid’s “working” titles that she’s paid homage too as a once intern; now Senior Fashion Market Editor at Cosmopolitan and host of the docuseries, SOCOSMO on E! We dig right in and discover, she’s a “heels over flats, denim and silk – together please” kind of girl. Oh, and “cheese before chocolate.” As we talk more about fashion, Tiffany’s sentiments are clear: “Forget about what’s trendy. Whatever it is that makes me feel sexy, dressed up, confident,” is what makes her feel like her – her second skin… that and Bickram Yoga. Omm. We literally are transported over her tales of last summer’s introduction to the ambient, hot hatha cum “torture chamber” [as called by Bikram Choudhury himself]. “It was a yoga retreat in the South of France, LuxYoga, and it changed my life.” She went on to say how she “seriously recommends every person save up their coins and visit this place… I always took an interest in yoga and meditation. But after this retreat I have been a die-hard Bikram fan. A total mind & body cleanse and reset for me.”

Tiffany apparently holds more than a penchant for fashion. We’re talking serious “Back the Future-like” qualities. She continues to transport us, while changing into one of her two signature favorites: heels and a skirt. Tucking in her bright yellow Dior tee she further time-continuum’s us… “Travel always inspires me, and I feel like it changes the way you look at things.” Tiffany took a trip last winter to Norway and after driving hours to Finland in hopes of catching the surreal display of the Northern lights, magic happened, “The hours driving was so well worth it. I have never seen anything like it. The experience was life changing and it felt like I was on another planet.”
Getting back to earth. Well, life on earth, here in NYC, she’s excited about summer dressing, in particular, a vintage Prada dress she scored in Arizona recently, “It’s from one of my favorite Prada collections, the one with all those crazy banana prints, that and VillageLuxe.” We’ve covered, fashion, culture, travel, vintage Prada, and her thoughts on VL? “It’s a reason to get excited again about your wardrobe, giving it new energy, new life… In fashion, it seems like the seasons are turning over faster and faster. It’s a nice reminder that you can borrow past season – something that you loved but maybe forgot about and current collections.” Her style in 3 words or less? Hold on to your yoga mat! “S.E.X.,” she says. “Just kidding! “I would say sophisticated, sexy and sporty all at once.” Sounds like pretty good S – E – …uh, we mean S-T-Y-L-E to us.

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