Meet Instyle’s Site Director and Newest Luxer

instyle’s, ruthie friedlander

Uptown girl, downtown vibes. It’s one of our favorite style juxtapositions and no surprise to be met in such fashion, by one of fashion’s own it-girls, Ruthie Friedlander at her Upper East Side apartment. A pretty cool gig at followed by time at our beloved (and second home to our Fashion Director, Sofia Karvela), The Wall Group, Friedlander is presently meeting some of fashion’s most notable at InStyle as site director.
Enrobed with yummy sweaters and beautiful hues of cream that warmed her apartment, Friedlander greeted us in equal yummy warmth and the whole VL crew for her Luxer shoot on this cool, damp fall morning. Welcoming us inside, she spoke of her home and closets accoutrements stating that “A big, black, chunky cable knit sweater” was the one signature item that just made her feel like she was in her second skin. We can appreciate that. We can also get down with anyone who’s as serious as we are about something like sweaters. “Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters” a fall must, Friedlander states. Equally passionate, we share anecdotes over parts of the business that might seem obvious or even fashionably pragmatic; so when the camera started to click, Friedlander was in a continuum of fashion tales describing a most beloved fashion moment. Under former boss, Leah Chernikoff [Elle’s ED], Friedlander laughed saying, “I will laugh now when I recall this, but there was an Altuzarra show – the first one I ever attended – where I cried. It was so beautiful, I cried.” She goes on to say, “Fashion week (scratch that, month) is a very exhausting time, but I love a fashion show. It makes me feel like a kid.”

She lives and breathes “Ballet Beautiful.” The UES studio is her “happy place,” and really what makes her jump up and down. That and “that Dolce & Gabbana dress from Luxer, Nina T.’s closet!” People are what inspire her – shout out, Helaina [Gene] her niece, and when she’s not in ballet first, second, or third position or spending time with the ones she loves, she recognizes that this is only the beginning of many more happy places.


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