marketing exec, nicole oge

She’s brought Karl Lagerfeld to an Island that she led the branding for, relaunched the infamous Plaza Hotel and lead the branding for those sexy albeit kitschy campaigns for The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Meet our newest Luxer, Nicole Oge and know that her resume is as awesome as her closet. Aptly named a marketing titan, Oge has done more than dipped her toes in the space of fashion, hospitality, and real estate adding incredible pieces to her closet along the way. But she undoubtedly has a soft spot for fashion and sees how this fuses across so many industries, which on that note explains why she’s a die-hard for VillageLuxe, “The sharing economy is not a trend people; it is undeniably the ‘new normal’ for my generation and all future generations. Hotels to cars and even private aviation, there is no longer the need for whole ownership of goods we need in our day to day lives.” Well, trucker on girl, don’t let us stop you.

Oge speaks about her highly coveted and beloved vintage collection, as well as the newest ‘must have’ designer pieces. She is humbled to be part of a community who communicates that love for luxury fashion.. NYC! “Anything and everything your heart desires can be found in the closets of New York!” Further woo’ing on VL, Oge states, “VillageLuxe is the perfect platform to allow for fashion exploration.” Really, what fashion is all about. Pulling from our own creative inner harness, travel, work.
Today, Oge pulls much of her fashion and business inspiration from both, but travel in particular. Happen to catch a hot chic number on the back of a motorcycle lately? “Sometimes I travel even with my boyfriend on his motorcycle! And when we do,what I wear matters!” Oge will pair flat sole riding boots – “instead of my usual uniform – heels,” a pair of worn-in jeans, silk blouse or tee and a leather jacket to complete the look.” Although she loves hopping on the bike now and again, casual ease and helmet on, her real accessory – fashion must? Lipstick. “My ideal way to wake up would be with bright rouge perfect lipstick.” Now that we get on back of the bike with. Xx

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