Fashion Photographer, Philanthropist (... And Bad-Ass Guitarist)

photographer, sophie elgort

Sophie Elgort, yeah. You know the name. Let’s start with Sophie because we’re so excited to get her in “front” of the camera rather her usual, behind-the-lens position. Capturing some of today’s most iconic young brands, and millennial faces including Kendall and Kylie, Coco Rocha and her own little brother, Ansel [Elgort.] (Okay, so we digressed, and yes, you know that name and his poetic, pentametric, perfectly delivered on screen talent and perhaps DJ talent as well.) Sophie has an eye for beauty just like her father, acclaimed fashion photographer, Arthur [Elgort], who’s shot most of his career under the notable fashion partnering eye of Vogue. But, really, we can’t get enough of her life-behind-the-scenes on Instagram, or how much she transcends beauty and awe both in person and via a simple Snap! Just look her photos here from our VL shoot. She plays guitar, loves her family deeply, husband oh-so-much. Is a business owner, co-founder of an incredible philanthropic organization that mentors young girls through photography and education to bring expanded diversity to the fashion industry…seriously, need we go on? “Awe” was a pretty fair former descriptor, we think.

More on that guitar part… “I play the guitar and sing, it’s my passion and the thing I spend the most time doing when I’m not taking pictures. I truly love it!” We promise she said she would play for us “sometime” and we promise to share – even if only a couple sweet seconds, with you all because it has to be magical. Nothing Elgort touches doesn’t seem to sparkle – well, maybe not literally. Her biker leather jacket makes her feel like her best and her closet is what you might expect: the occasional pretty floral number, a few bold evening gowns for those killer red carpet events, biker leather jacket and cool-girl vibe separates. Elgort says when we talked a bit about VL, “You can keep an item of clothing in your closet that you may wear only once a year or less instead of selling it…make a little money off it (why not) and keep it for that unique circumstance you need it.” She went on to say, “ You also get to not only see what people who you admire have in their closets but also borrow pieces from them as well.” That’s a wrap for us. We love her, she loves us. Que the happily ever after.


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