Celebrity Stylist, VillageLuxe Fashion Director (...And Mama Extraordinaire)

stylist & fashion director, sofia karvela

We were introduced to Sofia Karvela on separate occasions, but we [Julia, VL Founder and Shanin, VL CMO, here] each knew it was love at first sight. If you haven’t met Sofia – we just assume you may have, because she’s like a magical little nymph sprinkling her rockstar stylist goodness across NYC, let us help you get to know her a little. Truth be told, she’s got this perfect something about her that is one part addictive, one part hilarious and equal parts effortlessly beautiful and untamed. She’s loud, curses like a sailor, but loves even bigger and more crass. She calls Julia “Harvard” and never holds back when it comes to telling the truth of it all. We could go on because the love and respect runs deep; I suppose you can say this is a bit of an ‘ode to Sofia,” however we’d most likely get an “F-that!” from Karvela and with her coy-say more, say more, smile, she’d insist on moving on to let’s say, that “fabulous” brand she was just in L.A. for or “Let’s talk about fashion and VillageLuxe, man.”
She’s just as no nonsense onset. A Stylist to The Wall Group and Fashion Director for VL, balancing and juggling life between work, friends, being a wife and mommy, “My kids are everything – even inspiring me creatively, you know…,” Karvela goes on to saying as we bother her endlessly and play “pretend” hair and make up with her. Regardless of whether she’s on set styling in vintage Chanel, the most coveted luxury treasures from VL or another gig maybe for “the best fuckin’ jeans,” her wardrobe – albeit “uniform” is for sure “jeans and jeans” which for Sofia, oozes a certain level of sexiness and free spirit that we just can’t explain. When we spoke to her after the shoot, which was early fall, she told us how excited she was for a “new leather jacket my friend Nicole is bringing for me from Thailand. She sent me a picture of it. She saw it on a man who was selling t-shirts in a flea market and managed to snatch it off of him. It looks older than him. He is in his 60s.” That’s Sofia. Cool, uninhibited, local vibe that makes you immediately feel like you want more.

Her life, spirit and creative tenacity is equally eclectic. She’s working on several – as in like, “a lot,” of projects today which is no surprise since she’s been quoted in the past for being a “workaholically” and saying, “I don’t apologize for my addiction.” Caution: subject works well under pressure. She might even get a major rush from it. A warrior, Karvela, battles the fear of life, failing, the pressure to be great, and whether it’s motherhood or the sheer objective of finally finding her groove, she has learned to listen to herself and recognize the importance to accept what has been earned. With so much accomplished and yet to come, she’s not one to jump up and down however, if you watch closely, you might just catch a little shimmy or a sly smile. Her blatant honesty about “my unresolved issues” is one thing that never gets dull in her mind and another more of a reason why we adore her so.
“Chic, Chic, Chic.” As we turn the focus back to fashion. That’s Karvela describing two of the closets she loves on VL, “You know, Ruthie [Friedlander, InStyle’s Site Director,] [and designer,] Nina Sarin’s. In her dramatic tone, as most things go when describing things she is passionate about, as her native Greek tongue hangs on to some of her annunciations, Karvela confides, “The fact that I get to be part of this incredible community of women and find items that are not in season to borrow as well, dare to try styles that are not necessarily my style to try and rock for a week…this is amazing.” Well, we think you’re amazing and like all proper love notes, good-bye for now, we love you. xx


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