Meet The Coveteur’s Editorial Director and Newest Luxer

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She can turn heads with her own head of curls alone, but don’t let her fool you, as much as she loves fashion, respects the next sexy mane of Mica Arganaraz curls as the next, it’s words that turn this girl on. No surprise, as we’re talking about the one and only Laurel Pantin. Yep, cutie-patootie herself and owner of the coveted role of Editorial & Fashion Director for the Covetuer. Her inspiration is drawn from “literally everything,” Pantin shares while we stare pedestrianly at her natural ease and beauty in front of the camera.  She goes on saying, “I’m super visual, but I treasure good writing…I’m a big writing snob.” With favorites like Hanya Yanigahara, Jonathan Franzen, and Irving, yeah, be your bad self and word-smith on.
Having decided to ditch the waves of better or maybe not-so-much trends of her earlier teen years; Pantin aptly rocked a buzz cut, 50’s vintage prom dresses and combat boots to school.  That and “my wedding” are some fashion favorites, but the story of her mom telling of her perhaps most “iconic” fashion moment would be of one morning she watched a younger Pantin get out of the car, “shorn hair, bright red prom dress – (Let’s be clear, it wasn’t prom, girls), thigh-high boots and all and “I felt proud,” her mom claims to this day.
So are we. So – are – we.

“Horny, lazy, rich.” Nope, not the premise to a new novel she’s dreaming up or an aptly plausible, but never good description of a former boss or lover, but her own personal description of this fall’s fashion look. “If I hit two of those words every time I get dressed (even though I’m 100% not those words), then it’s a win. My fantasy is to move to Rome and become stylistically, ‘Fully Roman.’” Now we’re getting excited.
The Coveteur allots her the opportunity to meet incredible people every day, and more often than not, go in to their homes. Pantin describes, “Honestly, every day I meet someone amazing and I try to tuck them into my back pocket and carry on living with a little bit of their magic in me.” Her time with Eva Chen proves one of her most memorable. “She’s the person who you meet and you want to put everything else in your brain on hold so you can absorb every last ounce of wisdom from her,” Pantin describes of their time together. And, VillageLuxe. “I love Sofia Karvela’s closet. I had to buy the same dress she was wearing when I met her, she is just too cool. And, the idea of a network of women who can connect over a shared love of beauty. It’s so hard to make new friends as an adult in New York, I’ll take any help I can get!” Uh, not so fast. You just used “words” as your accomplice and “horny, lazy and rich” in a complete sentence. Swipe right.

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