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“Beyonce’s September issue of Vogue, Kayne, Paris, Champagne, Booty Shaking, Runway show after party…” Just some of the amazing events, Luxer, Lauren Preston’s can find describing as “my favorite fashion moments.” On top of literally having her own name roll off Queen Bey herself, Lauren can unequivocally see the power over talking “breast-feeding and lice” with one of our favorites, Queen – Miss – Mother – Activist, Stella McCartney. When? Where? Aptly in the hotel lobby of Hotel George V during one of her first trips to Paris just after giving birth to her twin boys. The conversation wasn’t too far reaching, Preston having previously worked at Stella McCartney and most recently, Burberry. The two brands collide in explanation of her style: “feminine tomboy.” You know, that balance of masculine femininity we all know and love so much. Preston goes on to share her Isabel Marant collarless leather biker jacket is her most betrothed, “The sharp shoulders? I feel bad ass.” Walk a mile in another women’s shoes? Like, literally? Take a peek into her closet and go on and get yourself your own little taste of ass-kicking. Trust us.

A graduate from FIDM in Los Angeles, Lauren was used to sprawling closets and space, but has adjusted fairly well to the tinier spaces found here in New York. So it was no surprise why she gravitated to VL. “New Yorkers have a special gift of being resourceful and know how to make it work! My closets also include ‘under bed, and my floor to ceiling wall to wall armoires’ packed like a Rubik’s cube!” So, when a friend told her about VL is was a match made in heaven: “Shop smarter, better, bolder, and make a little money so I can buy more Ziploc vacuum seal bags to expand my storage!” Much like how she’s approached fashion – practical, VL feels similar, “Regardless of how much money you make, it’s just not logical and justifiable to spend thousands of dollars on items that you will only wear once or twice, especially those bought for special occasions, that will just sit in your closet. So buy the must-haves and borrow the others!” Lauren suggests that the luxury, chic shopper she’s come to meet either personally or professionally has become more practical and savvy, environmentally aware. Fast fashion? Reconstructed. You can borrow from VillageLuxe faster than an average delivery on Seamless. Now, that is seamless…


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