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She’s spun tracks at the hottest parties, posed for the holy grail of all fashion mags (Vogue, duh) and even designed her very own line of super cute vintage-inspired dresses. Now, DJ-turned-Model-turned-Designer, Harley Viera-Newton can officially add another title to her robust resume: VillageLuxe A-lister. We caught up with the multi-tasking phenom to talk about how she juggles it all, where she gets her style inspo from and her favorite VL finds.

In true DJ form, for Viera-Newton, music and fashion are inextricably intertwined. “They have always played off and inspired each other for me. The songs I’m listening to as I’m getting dress 100% affect what I end up wearing. It sets the mood for the whole day.” Plus, as she tells us, her closet is just like a “mini vintage clothing shop.” Cue the envy – What hot-blooded style hound wouldn’t want to spend each and every morning jamming out through our very own swoon-worthy vintage racks? Just like her clothing line, Viera-Newton leans towards the ultra-feminine. “Pink and vintage Chanel,” are her biggest weaknesses she confesses. She also confides that she’s never met a short-sleeved dress (although, it must hit below the knee) or gingham garment that she hasn’t liked. To be fair, like the rest of us, it took Viera-Newton some time to really hone her personal style, “I think probably around the age of 23 when I graduated college. I experimented a little with my style during school, and after a few years of questionable outfits, I learned which silhouettes suited me best and the pieces I felt most myself in. I think you know you’ve ‘found’ your personal style when clothes really start to feel like a second skin rather than an outfit. I found myself gravitating towards the same lengths, prints, and shapes, and realized that it was okay to make those kind of formula-like for an everyday uniform.” Viera-Newton’s other style obsessions currently include the 70’s trend (It’s here to stay and that’s fine with me!”) and everything Gucci is putting out right now.

This all to say, that of course we’re proud to tack on one more title— “Luxer”—to her resume. It also makes her the perfect multi-talented discerning eye to help us comb through the VillageLuxe closets and pull out her favorite fashion finds. “I love that VillageLuxe creates an opportunity to wear something you really love as a sort of ‘Cinderella’ moment. Maybe you find something you can borrow that you couldn’t afford full price at one point, or maybe it’s something you always wanted to wear and have regretted not buying ever since!” See all of her perfectly curated picks in the link below.


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