designer, charlotte ronson

Pretty please with cherries on top. It’s no surprise Charlotte Ronson rocked Piers Atkinson’s “Cherry Headband” during our Luxer shoot. In fact, it’s come to be one of our most beloved photographs that can be found hung in the offices of VillageLuxe (…and, our CMO’s screen saver. Ssshh… we swore we wouldn’t tell.) If a “bowl full of cherries” makes you feel all fun and shimmy-shimmy shake all over, then that’s pretty close to how much we enjoyed this Luxer shoot with Ronson while she was spending time at her NYC home [bi-coastal, Ronson shares a home with hubby musician, Nate Ruess and son, Levon, currently in L.A.]

Her namesake clothing line is full of Ronson’s own personality mixing soft, bold, fun and romantic prints. Her favorite – yep, more cherries, Ronson tells, “It’s my mixed cherry and floral print dress. A clean silhouette, flattering design lines and a bold print. A great go-to dress.” Ronson is surrounded by talent. Twin sister, Sam, and brother, Mark, along with another right-sized posse [literally, five] half-siblings with whom you feel the undoubted love, and support for one another with a simple pass through their social media. Music runs in the family – style undeniably, so VillageLuxe for Ronson was a next-natural. “I love that you get a sneak peak into the most stylish closets in NYC and to be able to share and borrow from each other… your dream closet is essentially at your fingertips (for a fraction of the price.) As someone who likes to miss “something dressy with a little something casual.” The whimsy and frivolous of being a bit more daring is much of the allure to VL. Ronson goes on to say, “…it also gives you the chance to be a bit frivolous, something that you wouldn’t necessarily feel right buying, something that you know you will only wear once but have to have in a perfect world…” We feel like we kinda hit the lottery today spending time with Ronson and for us, yep, life feels a little bit like a bowl full of … [wink, wink]


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