B3.0 Activewear Founder, Designer and Luxer

entrepreneur, barbara warren

She’s practically climbed Everest if you start to look at everything Barbara Warren has accomplished over the years in fashion and as an entrepreneur, suffice to say, it’s mountainous. Most notably co-founding, White + Warren and today’s fairly newly launched B3.0 Activewear line. Warren, an entrepreneur at heart who literally brings her heart into her garments. The “B” in B3.0 stands for her name, but is used as the lead for multiple inspiring sayings stitched into her line. Some of our favorites: “B grateful, B authentic, B positive and Warren’s favorite… “B wise.” Like an owl, Warren has superseded expectations wise-beyond so many entrepreneurs years younger or older, but describing some of her most fashionable moments as the happiness and gratitude that comes with any item that makes her customers happy. B-elieve us when we say, time with Warren, and her super happy – made us giggle – golden retriever who managed to sneak in a couple shots, was nothing less than inspired.

Yohji Yamamoto inspires Warren. By way of fashion. As does Luxer, Kimberly T.’s closet, “She has an edgy, feminine side to her taste. Styles I would love to play with.” Like her inspirations stitched into her garments, we’re deeply excited to extend our own girl-boss closet with Warren’s (that Ann Demeulemeester leather necklace!) and move-mountain level wishes to seeing even more of those little inspiration patches glues into the fabric of all our girl-power lives.


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