Acclaimed Producer, Digital Maven and Cool Girl

digital diva, andrea mitchell

Since the 1990s, New York-based producer, Andrea Mitchell has been creating films – long, short, documentary and otherwise, that we—quite literally—can’t get enough of. Whether it be her work on films like Girl, Interrupted or for brands like Lancôme and Jimmy Choo, we’re consistently drawn into her pieces. They’re filled with visual nuances that make you hit replay again and again. We caught up with the creative powerhouse to learn more about her inspiration in both film and fashion, including her thoughts on the most pressing of style issues: New York City closet space.

When we asked Mitchell what creatively inspires her the most, she enthusiastically proclaims that living in New York is really what does it for her, “I toss on my headphones, walk my dogs and walk around looking at people – [I love] watching them and hearing their stories of what brought them here and what keeps them here.” It’s probably why she loves the VillageLuxe concept— “I love the concept of VillageLuxe. What more could we ask for? Borrowing people’s clothes versus purchasing them for a one-time wear?…NO BRAINER,” she declares with total girl boss authority. It gives her the ability to be inspired by a bounty of different sartorial tastes. Plus, as she adeptly notes, it frees up some much-coveted closeted space by borrowing and sharing with others, “Now, we don’t have to move.” We couldn’t agree more.


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