All That Glitters. NY Post Deputy Fashion Editor and Luxer

fashion editor, anahita moussavian

It’s no secret that the New York Post’s Deputy Fashion Editor, Anahita Moussavian has a thing for bling. Whether it’s a pair of sparkling Miu Miu Mary Jane pumps or a gold-sequin Pinko bomber jacket, you’ll always catch Anahita wearing something that Shimmers and it’s not tacky, it’s magically perfect; In fact, Moussavian owns the look with total charm, “I’m pretty sure I subconsciously aspire to be a fairy princess one day,” she winkingly admits. We caught up with the editor to learn more about her standout style and what it’s like to work behind the fashion lense.
Before anything else, we had to ask where she finds her style inspiration. Her answer? As abundant as her love for glitter, “Everything, everything, everything inspires me! From the runways to my mother (she knows what’s up). But mostly people-watching. Honestly, nothing gets me on a bigger fashion high than going out late, late (late) at night in the LES or East Village and seeing how people are styling themselves. I’m a pretty festive person, so the more glitz, the better! Especially when contrasted with some major grit.” It turns out that Moussavian is a street-style favorite herself, one of her most memorable fashion moments, she reveals, was when Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist snapped her wearing head-to- toe white in different textures.  It’s an aesthetic she says she’s been wearing ever since.

Of course, we had to talk about her greatest lessons as a fashion editor, “I’ve learned that each shoot lends itself to a totally unique experience,” she divulges, “I was recently shooting a denim story in the desert in Palm Springs and the location brought the clothes to life!” Moussavian also gives us this important Luxer lesson: “Never judge a closet by its size. I love VillageLuxe’s endless amounts of one-of-a-kind gems! Who wants to dress – or look – like everyone else? Stylish square pegs, rejoice!”  One of my favorite closets belonged to a friend of a friend…it was a tall, but narrow crackled rack full of dresses arranged in rainbow order. It was all she owned, wardrobe-wise, but it was everything. A delicious visual I’ll never forget.” Fairy princess? Maybe not quite, but Moussavian’s is full of fashion magic and recognizes the opportunity to explore other favorites on VillageLuxe, including more specifically, a fellow fashion extraordinaire, “I’m lusting after Leandra Medine VillageLuxe closet. Her super personalized approach to dressing is life.” Life, love, glitter. We can’t wait to see where Moussavian will bestow her magic next.


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