Forget The Garden, Enter The Color of Eden

artist, allison eden

Color wow. Meet Allison Eden. One of the country’s leading glass tile suppliers for commercial and residential interior decor. Her contribution to incredible global venues like The Venetian in Macau, Bergdorf’s, L’Oreal HQ, and hotels spanning from The Mandarin Oriental to Baku Tower. Her vintage collection of dresses? Let’s just say it’s currently being stored in a space so grandiose that a family of elephants might comfortably inhabit.
She tells the tale of her obsession for vintage and how she knew when she had met “the one.” “I used to scour estate sales and stumbled upon the seamstress for Connie Francis. I remember asking if their was an attic. What I stumbled upon was nothing shy of winning the lottery. I hit the mother-load! Pucci, feathers and furs. I called my husband (who I was only dating at the time) and he carried off 30 racks of gowns for me in a rented truck. I knew then I was going to marry him! Besides the birth of my children, that was the best day of my life!”

Taking inspiration from everything that surrounds her, Eden’s face lights up like her art describing, “the biggest Casinos in Macau to a small personal back splash… despite the ‘concrete jungle’ we live in, Eden is prophetic about NYC. “It’s the most colorful town with unbelievable energy and drive. This hard working mentality inspires me to push the boundaries to create the most unique mosaics in the world.” Those same boundaries apply to her personal style as seen on her VL closet. Describing her own style, “I am glamorous, chic, vintage-disco-diva-hippie.” And continues to include VL in this, “…Women in NYC have the best style and clothing in the world, VillageLuxe, with the push of a button, you have your outfit for the evening [a dress, bag, shoes]. It can be reminiscent of your style or more exploratory.” She’s right when she mentions later as we gawk her own closet of gowns that as couture is made in small quantity, “there’s no need to scour through stores, within a click and in an hour, it’s yours for a week.” She’s right! Who’s closet is she lusting over on VL? “My own! I love my clothing.” Can’t argue with that.


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